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Getting a Truck Licence

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Trucks are heavy vehicles which are used to transport goods from one point to another. If you wish to drive a truck, you are required to get a truck licence based on the type of truck you will be driving. There are various truck licences which you can apply and qualify for. The various truck licence types include: Medium rigid licences Heavy rigid licences Light rigid licences Multi-combination licences Heavy combination licences A light rigid truck licence is necessary if you occupy the following driving roles: Read More»

Car Parts - Troubleshooting the Sounds Emitted By a Faulty Starter

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If you have never had to deal with problems with your starter, you may assume that this problem is one of the rare car issues that you will encounter. In truth, starter problems are much more common that motorists realise, mainly due to the heavy usage that this Hyundai car part endures throughout its lifespan. From inadequate maintenance to normal wear, your starter may start to decline and would need repair or replacement before it completely malfunctions. Read More»

How to Choose Some Sporty Tyres for Your Ride

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Are you in the mood for a different type of driving experience? Some people who view their mode of transportation as more than purely functional, may be thinking about modifications that can give them a bit more enjoyment behind the wheel. In particular, they may be looking at their tyres and thinking about a change in size or configuration. What option should they consider as they investigate this new lifestyle? Read More»

Why You Need to Be Very Aware of The Environment in Your Diesel-Engined Car

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A significant number of Australian drivers decided to make the move from petrol to diesel some years ago with the aim of saving money on an annual basis. Many people feel that these diesel-engined vehicles are more efficient, even if there is not much difference between the cost of the alternative fuels at the pump any more. Yet those who are not used to the way diesel-engined vehicles run may be unaware of a particular component that could end up costing them a lot of money in certain circumstances if they’re not careful. Read More»

How to Plan Sensibly Before a Trip to Australia's Outback

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Few countries in the world offer so much adventure within close proximity to major cities as Australia. If you are looking at the land “down under” from afar and planning a trip to explore the Outback, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to. You do need to make sure that you are prepared, however, and certainly when it comes to your mode of transportation. What do you need to consider if you are going to get the maximum enjoyment out of your adventure and make sure that you are going to be safe? Read More»

5 Reasons to Replace Your Vehicle's Drum Brakes with Disc Brakes

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People tend to think more about engine power when they consider how their car performs, but stopping power is equally important – in fact, from a safety point of view, stopping power is even more important. That means you need to consider the type of brakes you have, and the basic types are drum and disc. Drum brakes have all components contained within the drum. Arched components expand outward to generate friction, slowing the drum and car. Read More»

Don't Overlook These Details When Choosing a Pre-Owned Chiller Van

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A chiller or refrigerated van can be just what you need for delivery of items that should stay cool while in transit, such as pastries or flowers. You might also be legally obligated to use a chiller van for transporting foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, and of course they’re necessary if you’re thinking of selling ice cream or cold soda from the vehicle itself. Whatever your needs for a chiller van, note a few important details you’ll want to consider when shopping around for a pre-owned model, so you know you get a quality vehicle that will work well for your transport needs. Read More»

Types of Car Paint Colours That You Should Try

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A fresh coat of paint on your car can give the vehicle an attractive look and more longevity. Paint jobs prevent rust and can cover up problems such as dents and small scratches along the bodywork. There are various colours to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide the best paint that matches your particular taste. Mechanics can help you explore high-quality paint selections to match your vehicle and your style. Read More»