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Types of Car Paint Colours That You Should Try

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A fresh coat of paint on your car can give the vehicle an attractive look and more longevity. Paint jobs prevent rust and can cover up problems such as dents and small scratches along the bodywork.

There are various colours to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide the best paint that matches your particular taste. Mechanics can help you explore high-quality paint selections to match your vehicle and your style.

Solid colours

Solid colours are the most basic type of car paint that you can apply. They are convenient and easy for mechanics to use because they don't contain any sparkling agents that make the application process complicated.

In addition to the commonly used black and white shades, there are many other solid colours that can be applied to your vehicle. You can experiment with various shades of yellow (lemon, golden, or viper yellow), red, peach, blue and brown. Solid colours are also known for their durability when applied.

Candy paint colours

Candy paint colours are known for having a depth in the colour design that makes them resemble authentic candy. To get this effect, a 3-step process is often used. It starts off with applying a basecoat that consists of sparkling shades. On top of the base coat, a transparent mid coat is added, after which the candy colour is applied and sealed with a glossy urethane layer.

It's these multiple layers that provide the depth and shine that the candy paint exhibits. Some popular candy paint colours include lemon drop, copper, apple red and purple.

Metallic colours

Metallic car paint is the component that is responsible for giving vehicles their characteristic shine. They consist of a pigment made of grounded aluminium elements infused into the paint. It is this pigment that gives off the sparkle and characteristic shine of metal.

The metallic pigment can be combined with many other elements to produce a variety of paint colours that have the same sparkle. For example, the candy paint colours mentioned above are made possible by the use of metallic components.

Chameleon colours

For the adventurous motorists, colour-changing paints can give your vehicle an elegant and attractive look. Also referred to as chameleon paints, they give off different colours based on the angle from which they are viewed.

They are capable of absorbing and reflecting different colours along the light spectrum to appear in different ways. They are also quite durable paint selections, especially when applied correctly.

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