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Instances When Flushing a Diesel Engine Is Necessary

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Neglecting a diesel engine is probably the last thing you want to do because exhaust contents are dangerous to a vehicle and the environment. Besides, regular servicing is critical for the smooth performance of a diesel engine. Engine flushing is an integral part of servicing because it prevents sludge and oil deposits from building up in the sump. Unfortunately, many people do not know the right time to flush their diesel engines. Here are instances when flushing a diesel engine is necessary.

Buying an Engine without Maintenance Records

Although used cars are affordable, buying one with a diesel engine requires careful consideration because the motors are known to be sensitive. Ideally, you should only buy a diesel engine car if it comes with maintenance records. This will give you an idea of how regularly the previous owner serviced the vehicle. However, a used car in mint condition might not have maintenance records. In such instances, it is a good idea to flush the engine because you do not know the last time the previous owner changed the oil. It is advisable to do so before you pay the full amount for a vehicle so that you can establish how well it runs in optimal shape. 

Longer Oil Change Intervals

Many times, car owners are advised to conduct an engine flush after a couple of thousand miles. However, this is not always reliable because cars are different, and car manufacturer recommendations regarding a diesel engine flush take precedence. However, some people do not follow the guidance and often wait for longer intervals before flushing their engines. If you do it, your car's engine will struggle with sludge build-up, leading to faster wear and tear. Thus, you should immediately book for an engine flush when you realise that you have been changing engine oils at intervals longer than your car manufacturer's recommendations. 

Recent Engine Repairs

Most mechanical problems in a diesel engine often call for repair works. For instance, broken plugs or blown head gaskets require immediate replacement. Unfortunately, some car owners fill their engines with fuel and oil and drive away once repairs are complete. However, it is dangerous because repairs often leave behind particulate and filings that put a diesel engine at risk of premature wear. A diesel engine flush is an excellent idea immediately after repairs because it eliminates leftover particulates, leaving the motor clean and ready for fresh oil. 

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