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How to Choose Some Sporty Tyres for Your Ride

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Are you in the mood for a different type of driving experience? Some people who view their mode of transportation as more than purely functional, may be thinking about modifications that can give them a bit more enjoyment behind the wheel. In particular, they may be looking at their tyres and thinking about a change in size or configuration. What option should they consider as they investigate this new lifestyle?

Moving up

The majority of motorists simply trust the manufacturer when it comes to the size, profile and design of the tyres that they fit to their car. Typically, there is just one option on offer, especially for those countries that don't have to think about winter driving characteristics. However, there are usually a huge number of options available in the aftermarket, largely designed to enhance performance.

Considering the Sport Option

For example, sporting tyres are designed with a lower profile, so that there is less distance between the actual wheel and the road surface itself and they may be slightly wider than the average. These will allow a driver to power the vehicle through a particular corner, rather than just letting it "cruise" through. They are designed to grip the road surface much more effectively in these situations and are made from a different compound of rubber, so that they last a lot longer under duress. The type of rubber used in their construction is designed to cope with a much larger amount of heat that will build up through spirited driving.

There is always a compromise, however and those who do like performance must understand that these tyres are not going to last as long. There is no real correlation between sport and endurance in this respect, as long life usually requires a certain amount of compromise in construction.

Making Adjustments

It is important to bear in mind that a particular vehicle will be configured to operate most efficiently when using a size of tyre recommended by its manufacturer. This does not mean that a tyre of different dimensions may not be used, but this may impact some of the readings on the dashboard. If the tyre has very different dimensions to the original standard, then it can affect the calibration of both speedometer and odometer and it will be important to make adjustments through the vehicle's computer after these tyres are fitted.

Careful Consideration

Always make sure that you look after your investment whenever fitting performance tyres of any kind. They need to be properly balanced to the road wheels and the steering geometry should always be checked regularly, so that they don't wear out more than is absolutely necessary. Have a word with your specialist tyre supplier, so that you get the most value out of your new automotive lifestyle.