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Car Parts - Troubleshooting the Sounds Emitted By a Faulty Starter

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If you have never had to deal with problems with your starter, you may assume that this problem is one of the rare car issues that you will encounter. In truth, starter problems are much more common that motorists realise, mainly due to the heavy usage that this Hyundai car part endures throughout its lifespan. From inadequate maintenance to normal wear, your starter may start to decline and would need repair or replacement before it completely malfunctions. Nonetheless, since individuals may not be familiar with starter problems, they may find it challenging to discern the symptoms of an impending problem. This article illustrates how to troubleshoot starter problems simple by listening to the sound being emitted when you try to crank your vehicle.

Buzzing noises from your starter

A sound to be wary of whenever you try to start your vehicle is buzzing. When this occurs, it means that electricity is being transferred to the solenoid. However, the current is unsuccessful in engaging the pinion gear to the flywheel. In some cases, the electric current may be affected due to decreased charge in your car battery. On the other hand, battery terminals that have been compromised by rusting may impede the flow of the current. Either way, a mechanic would have to check your battery to determine if it is the sole reason your starter is not working.

Clicking noises from your starter

On some occasions, you may engage the starter of your vehicle and only hear a single clicking sound. When your starter emits clicks, it means that it is receiving an adequate electrical charge to start your car. However, the starter part may be experiencing issues engaging because of mechanical problems such as a damaged motor or a defunct solenoid.

Whirring noises from your starter

Your vehicle's starter motor is outfitted with numerous components. One of them is a device called a one-way clutch. As you turn the key to start your car, the starter's solenoid will connect the pinion gear to the flywheel so that the engine can begin rotating. As the engine reaches the cranking speed required to operate the vehicle, the one-way clutch is supposed to disconnect the pinion gear and flywheel, and your car starts. If the solenoid has acquired some damage, it loses its ability to connect the pinion to the flywheel. Therefore, when you engage the starter, all you hear is a whirring noise caused by the spinning of a coil in the starter's motor. This whirring would be a clear indicator of impeding solenoid repair.

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