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Getting a Truck Licence

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Trucks are heavy vehicles which are used to transport goods from one point to another. If you wish to drive a truck, you are required to get a truck licence based on the type of truck you will be driving. There are various truck licences which you can apply and qualify for. The various truck licence types include:

  • Medium rigid licences
  • Heavy rigid licences
  • Light rigid licences
  • Multi-combination licences
  • Heavy combination licences

A light rigid truck licence is necessary if you occupy the following driving roles:

  • Food delivery
  • Airport shuttle
  • Tour Guide
  • Secondary or primary school teacher
  • Volunteer driver for a social council or church

A medium rigid truck licence is necessary in to satisfy the specified driving roles.

  • Furniture remover
  • General freight delivery
  • Route bus

The need for individuals to seek truck licence services is to ensure that these drivers are qualified to operate specified trucks. The training individuals undergo to become licenced truck drivers enables them to acquire other skills which are essential in becoming cautious and safe drivers.

Fork lift licence

Fork lift licences are also referred to as high risk work licences. This is because the operation of a fork lift is very risky. A professionally trained individual is best fitted to operate a forklift to ensure that they use it effectively and in a safe manner. Fork licences are categorized into two classes:

  1. A forklift truck used for picking orders whereby the control used by the operator is elevated with the load lifting or carriage media (LO class).
  2. A forklift truck which is comprised of a load carriage which is elevated and a mast. The forklift also has some attachments or a pair of fork arms (LF class).

For you to be eligible to get a fork lift licence, you have to fulfill the following criteria successfully.

  1. You need to have attained 18 years of age.
  2. You need to be able to use English effectively so that you are able to ensure safe performance of the high risk work you will be doing.
  3. You need to have completed a training course form a registered training organisation and have done an assessment proving that you have passed the driving test.

Heavy vehicle licence

Heavy vehicles are used to describe B-doubles, trucks and road trains that are used to transport goods in Australia. Heavy vehicles also include trams, livestock transporters, buses, agricultural machinery, grain trucks, tankers and delivery trucks. A heavy vehicle licence is given to individuals who have been trained and assessed to ensure that they are qualified in driving heavy vehicles.