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Why planned maintenance is your best option

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Your vehicle fleet are essential for the success of your business. If your cars or vans fail and can't get out on the road then you are losing money. Your customers aren't going to be happy if you are continually missing appointments, or their goods aren't being delivered on time because the van has broken down and their delivery is stuck by the side of the road.

Choose regular servicing to save money

One of the best ways to ensure that your fleet stays on the road as much as possible is to have your vehicles regularly serviced. Scheduled servicing may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience and expense but over time it will save you money and improve your customer service. By taking your vehicles for a regular check-up you can catch any mechanical problems before they develop to the point where the vehicle has to come off the road. Since you know beforehand when any vehicle is due for servicing you can plan around it, and ensure that everything that vehicle would have done is adequately covered elsewhere on that day of the service. Planned maintenance is a far better arrangement than letting down customers when a problem develops unexpectedly.

What type of problems should I expect with my fleet?

Sometimes a car or van will be off the road because it has been involved in an accident and the bodywork needs some attention, but most of the problems your fleet will encounter will be mechanical in nature. Your vehicle may need gearbox repairs if the gears have become worn down, or perhaps there is an issue with the transmission or clutch that should be looked at. Whatever the problem it is important that you find the right company to fix your vehicle.

Which servicing company should I choose?

One of the advantages of employing a regular vehicle servicing company is that they become familiar with your fleet. The more familiar they are with your vehicles the more quickly they will be able to diagnose a problem and get your vehicle back on the road and earning your money.

If you don't have a company regularly servicing your fleet then you will need to look for someone who specialises in the type of gearbox repairs that you need. Finding someone who understands your type of vehicle and possesses the right tools and knowledge to make the gearbox repairs is essential.

By planning ahead you can be sure your vehicle fleet are in the best possible condition and less likely to fail unexpectedly.