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4 Attributes of the Best Machinery Transport Companies

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Do you frequently transport oversize equipment for your operations? Read on and discover some of the intangible attributes that you should research when you are selecting a machinery transport company.

Long-Term Relationships

You are more likely to get excellent service from a machinery transport company that has cultivated long-term relationships with many of its clients. Such long-term relationships are usually indicative of the satisfaction that the clients have with the services that they receive from the transport company. You wouldn't keep hiring the same company if you weren't satisfied with what they do, would you? Ask for client references and select a company that has had the same set of clients for a long time. Your machinery will be safer in the capable hands of such a company.

Real-Time Alerts

You should also identify a machinery transport company that has a culture of providing real-time alerts about cargo movements. Companies that do that show how much they value the time of their clients. The alerts can help you to track your machinery so that you make other arrangements, such as getting installers ready, with the confidence that the equipment will arrive when it is expected.

Driver Turnover

Read the profiles of the machinery transport companies that are competing for your business. Pay close attention to the section that talks about how long some of their senior drivers have been with the company. A high rate of driver turnover can be an issue because your machinery will largely be in the hands of the drivers of the trucks on which the machinery has been loaded. Low rates of driver turnover mean that the same drivers have accumulated massive experience in handling the kind of cargo/machinery that you wish to transport. That experience can be the critical factor between a successful shipment and one with problems.

Expertise and Experience

Which key industries does the machinery transport company specialise in serving? Different industries require different kinds of expertise during machinery transport. For example, a company that transports agricultural machinery may not require the same degree of attention to the effects of road vibrations as another company that transports aerospace components, such as aircraft engines. Make sure that you select a transport company that has expertise and experience in handling the machinery of your industry.

Don't be nervous about asking direct questions to get answers to the issues above. Your detailed due diligence will ensure that you will identify a machinery transport company that will serve your needs for a long time.