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Functional Benefits of Side Tippers

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Construction sites today would not be able to realise efficient operations without the use of side tippers. Side tippers offer a convenient working mechanism for carrying items of larger weight and transporting them to and from the construction site. Companies that deal with minerals, rocks, and metals often face the challenge of transporting these items along the construction site due to their bulk and weight.

Side tippers come in two main working models; door side tippers and bowl side tippers. The door side tippers work by using a hydraulic door to open and unload the contents of the trailer. Bowl side tippers work via lifting the entire tipper to its side in order to discharge the load.

There are multiple benefits of using side tippers to handle loads on the construction site.

Handling Higher weight loads

If you regularly deal with larger weight loads that have a slightly smaller cubic capacity, side tippers will come in handy for your project. These loads, including gravel, rock, sand and iron ores, are better handled via side tipping where they don't need to be elevated to great heights.

Trying to use other methods such as end tipping for heavy loads can lead to equipment wear and tear in a short amount of time. Side tipping also offers added stability and control when offloading larger loads on many different sites.

Safer offloading method

Side tippers tend to be safer to work with than other loading/offloading methods. This is because side tippers do not raise the load significantly off the ground level. The risk of unstable loads or the truck tipping over is thus minimised on the construction site.

This can also result in cost-savings where insurance premiums for side tippers are lower due to the reduced risk.

Suitable for road construction and mining

Any construction project that deals with low-lying heavy loads work well with side tippers. Roads often rely on side tippers to offload gravel, tar and sand/rocks that will be used for the construction project.

During mining, mineral ores that have been excavated from the mining site can be offloaded for refining via side tippers. These heavy ores can be handled in larger capacities when they aren't lifted high off the ground.

A more durable operational method

Side tippers use a dependable hydraulic mechanism that requires minimal regular maintenance. For example, door side tippers have a simple working principle of using hydraulic force to raise the doors of the tipper and offload its contents.

The hydraulic system is not subjected to pressure, and it can remain in good working condition for a long time. For more information on side tippers for sale, contact your local automotive specialist.